Basic rules

The rules of Prediktr are pretty simple: try to guess as many match scores as you can! But points can also be earned for guessing some of the score or even just the outcome of a match.


  • Guess nothing - 0 points
  • Guess one of the teams' goals - 2 points
  • Guess the outcome of the match - Home Win / Draw / Away Win - 3 points
  • Perfect Guess - correct score - 5 points
  • Maximum points for a single match (excluding bonus points) - 8 points
  • Points stack, so if you guess the outcome of a match as well as one of the one of the teams' goals then you will receive 5 points

Important information

  • You can change you preditcions as many times as you like
  • Predictions will close 30 minutes before the start of the match
  • Only the score at the end of 90 minutes (+stoppage time) is taken into account when awarding points. Goals scored in extra time or in a penalty shootout do not count.
  • You must hit save on the Forecast page for you predictions to count, even if they are all 0:0. If you don't do it, no points will be awarded
  • Each match card features a status indicator in the top right corner.
    • Red - means you have not made a prediction for this match yet
    • Green - means this match prediction has been saved
    • Grey - means this match can no longer be predicted (less than 30 minutes left)

Bonus Points

  • Bonus points will become available after the end of the Group Stage
  • You can choose whether or not to play for bonus points on any particular match
  • 2 bonus points will be awarded for guessing whether a match will or will not go to extra time
  • 2 Bonus points will be awarded for guessing whether a match will or will not have a penalty, either in game or a shootout counts. The penalty does not have to be converted for the bonus points to be awarded.
  • If you do activate bonus points for a match, then you must predict both the extra time and the penalty events, there is no neutral option
  • If you guess incorrectly, 2 points will be substituted from your score for each incorrect guess up to a maximum of -4 points